Private Residential Buildings

Participant No. Participants
R01 Lexington Hill
R02 Marinella
R03 The Green
R04 Hang King Garden
R05 La Hacienda
R06 Bailey Garden
R07 Peninsula East
R08 Kadoorie Hill
R09 Riviera Gardens (Tower 8-12, 15, 21 & 22)
R10 Ultima
R11 Summit Terrace
R12 The Visionary
R13 Florient Rise
R14 Tseung Kwan O Plaza (Tower 5-8)
R15 Bayview
R16 Lions Rise
R17 Regency Park
R18 Branksome Grande
R19 Vision City
R20 The Coronation
R21 Pacific Palisades
R22 Park Vale
R23 The Merton
R24 Ning Yeung Terrace
R25 Handsome Court
R26 Union Plaza
R27 Harmony Garden (Block 1)
R28 Elegance Gardens
R29 Harbour Heights
R30 Sham Wan Towers
R31 Le Sommet
R32 Scenic View
R33 Royal Peninsula
R34 The Parcville
R35 Woodland Crest
R36 The Latitude
R37 Century Link
R38 Noble Hill
R39 Manhattan Hill
R40 Imperial Cullinan
R41 The Bloomsville
R42 Granville Garden
R43 Grand Promenade
R44 Shining Heights
R45 Hill Paramount
R46 The Beverly Hills
R47 The Sherwood
R48 The Reach
R49 Double Cove Starview Prime
R50 Bamboo Grove
R51 Sheung Shui Centre
R52 The Sparkle
R53 The Tolo Place, Sunshine City
R54 Green Code
R55 Jones Hive
R56 Marina South
R57 Fairview Court
R58 Park Signature
R59 Skypark
R60 The Pavilia Hill
R62 Finery Park
R63 Illumination Terrace
R64 The Masterpiece
R65 Repulse Bay Garden
R66 Tsuen Fung Centre
R67 The Forest Hills
R68 Bel-Air (Phase 1-3)
R69 ONE Pacific Heights
R70 Grandeur Garden
R71 K.City

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