Smart Weighing Scales


The following are the three types of smart scales which the programme would provide for buildings to collect waste and recyclable data:

1.      Smart bin scale

-          Equipped with a bridge for 660L refuse bin transfer and weighing

-          Recommend to be installed in a fixed point

2.      Smart forklift scale

-          Waste or recyclables stored in 660L bins can be lifted and weighed by the smart forklift scale. Wheels are installed in the smart forklift scale for easy moving

-         Operators can move the smart forklift scale to the nearby 600L refuse bin to facilitate the weighing process

3.      Smart floor scale

-          Small in size when compared with the above two types

-          Suitable for schools or buildings with limited space for installation

-          Designated container is not needed for waste / recyclable weighing process



Waste and recyclables data collection

Whenever weighing the waste or recyclables via the smart scale, the operator (usually frontline cleansing workers) simply has to tap the scale with the “resource data collection card” after turning it on to confirm their identity, then tap the applicable “waste type card” and can start the weighing process right away. The scale would automatically store each entry of weight without the need of copying the weight data by hand.

Sample of resource data collection card


For recording data of different waste types, seven “waste type cards” would also be provided. The seven waste types include general waste, paper, metal, plastic, glass container, food waste and used clothes. Simply tap the scale with the desired waste type card, and the smart scale will differentiate the type of waste weighed and sort the collected data according to its waste type.

Sample of waste type cards



Waste and recyclables data extraction from the smart scale

To extract data, participants can download the programme’s free mobile application to serve the purpose. Representatives of property management companies or schools can use this mobile application to connect to the smart scale via Bluetooth for data extraction. Once the download of data completes, participants can use the mobile application to upload the data to the Intelligent Resource Management Platform (“the platform”) via internet.

 Screenshots of mobile application for data extraction


In scenarios where the mobile application is not applicable, participants can tap the scale with the “resource data extraction card” and extract data via USB, then upload the downloaded excel file to the platform.

Sample of resource data extraction card

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