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Successful Waste Management Experiences of Commercial Office Buildings


Swire Properties Limited - Three Pacific Place, One Island East and Oxford House


Three Pacific Place in Admiralty, and One Island East and Oxford House in Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, are Grade A office buildings managed by Swire Properties Limited (Swire Properties). Waste audits were conducted to examine the generation and separation of general waste and recyclables, in order to develop more effective waste management policies.


Swire Properties currently facilitates the collection of over 20 types of recyclables from tenants. Apart from paper, metals and plastics recycling, various recycling initiatives are being implemented to increase the building’s recycling rate. Tenants can separate waste at their own offices and transfer glass bottles, food waste, coffee grounds, old appliances, rechargeable batteries, fluorescent tubes, printer ink cartridges etc. to the central collection point of the building. Seasonal recyclables such as red packets, Chinese New Year flowers and mooncake boxes are also collected by Swire Properties after festive seasons, with surplus mooncakes collected and donated to the underprivileged. Interested tenants can receive relevant information, guidelines and consultation services through social media platforms, email, etc.


To encourage tenants to recycle plastic beverage bottles, reverse vending machines have been installed in Taikoo Place and Pacific Place. Tenants can earn cash rebates to their Octopus Card, or earn points and redeem rewards, by depositing empty plastic beverage bottles. Over 600,000 bottles have been collected by the reverse vending machines since August 2019. Besides, umbrella dryers have been installed at building lobbies to reduce reliance on umbrella plastic bags.


By participating in the BEC Jockey Club Intelligent Resource Management Programme since mid-2019, the above three buildings are now able to continuously monitor waste data and identify further waste reduction opportunities. 






Successful Waste Management Experiences of Private Residential Buildings

Royal Elite Service Company Limited - Manhattan Hill

Manhattan Hill, a private residential building located at Lai Chi Kok East in Kowloon, comprises of 5 towers providing over 1,100 residential flats. To bolster residents’ awareness of waste reduction at source and further promote resource recycling, Manhattan Hill has enrolled our Programme since 2018. Through the data collection on the weight of general waste and recyclable in our Programme, Manhattan Hill learns more on their waste disposal and recycling performances which further facilitates the implementation of relevant waste reduction and recycling schemes to fit their needs.

Manhattan Hill collects certain types of recyclable within the estate including paper, metals, old books, flowers during Lunar New Year and red pockets. A food waste recycling scheme has been launched since 2015, the compost as a by-product of food waste composting has been used in gardens within the estate, distributed to residents and community organisation, which can promote food waste recycling and let the residents and community learn more on how the food waste can be converted into valuable resources, and achieve promotional and educational purposes.

Apart from setting up traditional recycling bins in the estate, Manhattan Hill installed a reverse vending machine in October 2019, which can recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans and drink cartons. To encourage residents to develop recycling habit, residents can earn points and redeem rewards by participating in the recycling scheme.


To minimise paper consumption, Manhattan Hill sends notice and management fee bills through their mobile app and allows online booking of clubhouse facilities, which in turn greatly reduce paper receipts and forms. They also set up an e-patrolling system for security guards in order to prevent report submission in paper form.




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