Programme Launching Ceremony



The Environment Bureau announced in November 2018 that municipal solid waste charging would be implemented by late 2020 at the earliest, hoping that the necessary financial incentive will drive behavioural and cultural changes leading to waste reduction and recycling. In order to establish the first-ever benchmarking reference of waste reduction and recycling, and assist the government in evaluating the effectiveness of waste-related policies, Business Environment Council (“BEC”) launched the 3-year BEC Jockey Club Intelligent Resource Management Programme (the Programme) in August 2018 which will set up a smart waste monitoring system at 200 participating office buildings, private housing estates and schools in town to collect waste and recyclables data using cloud technology and implement education activities. The Programme is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.


Among the officiating guests at the launching ceremony today were Mr K.W. Fong, Assistant Director (Waste Reduction & Recycling), Environmental Protection Department; Ms Vivian Lee, Senior Charities Manager of The Hong Kong Jockey Club; Mr Adam Koo, Chief Executive Officer of BEC; and Ir C.F. Leung, Director – Operations of BEC.


“According to the government’s Hong Kong Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022, Hog Kong ranks amongst the top cities in terms of daily municipal solid waste generation per capita. Amid the implementation of different waste-related policies and action plans by the government, Hong Kong needs a benchmarking reference of waste disposal and recyclables for different building types to evaluate waste management performance and provide a reference for the waste charging scheme. The result of BEC Jockey Club Intelligent Resource Management Programme will fill in the missing gaps to inform future waste reduction strategy. On behalf of BEC, we thank The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for funding this meaningful programme, and the Environmental Protection Department for being a supporting organisation.” Mr Adam Koo, Chief Executive Officer of BEC said in his opening remarks.




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