Programme Overview



The Government has set a target to achieve 55% recycling rate by 2022 in the “Hong Kong Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022”. While the Government is taking critical steps in increasing the recycling rate, the contribution from the business sector and community is crucially important in leading Hong Kong to a greener city. 

To bolster public awareness towards waste reduction at source, and to drive behavioral changes in recycling, we are inviting a total of 200 commercial office buildings, private residential buildings and schools to join this programme.



Target participants

We welcome any building from the following three categories to participate in this programme.



Commercial Office Buildings
Private Residential Buildings


BEC’s role

In this programme, BEC will assist the participating buildings to improve the recycling performance via:



  1. React to the government’s avocation of “Dump Less, Save More” culture
  2. Educate industry practitioners and younger generations on waste reduction and clean recycling
  3. Establish a continuous waste and recyclables data collection and monitoring system in different building types
  4. Set up a benchmarking reference from the three main MSW generating building types of Hong Kong by installing waste measurement systems, and share successful cases of waste reduction and resource recycling
  5. Assist the government in evaluating the effectiveness of waste-related policies and action plans.


Potential Benefits of Participating

By participating in this programme, participating buildings could be benefited in terms of:

  1. Obtaining refined information on the waste situation of your building and possible reduction methods;
  2. Learning the best practices of waste management in the sector;
  3. Preparing for the implementation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) charging; and
  4. Fulfilling the waste management requirements needed for buildings that are striving for green building certifications such as BEAM Plus.


For schools, the education and interactive activities in this programme could help enhance students’ awareness in waste reduction and resources recycling, and potentially act as other learning experiences (OLE) to students.

Moreover, participants that show effectiveness or improvement in their waste management performance would also acquire recognition from this programme by receiving certification. And most importantly by the collective efforts of all participants, landfill pressure can be relieved and our environment can be conserved and sustained.


Recognition scheme

To recognise the efforts made in waste reduction, there are three types of awards for participants of this programme:


  1. Certificate of Participation
    All participants will receive this award as a token and confirmation for participating
  2. Outstanding Resource Recycling Performance Award
    To encourage increase of recycling rate, participating premises will be encouraged to set goals of performance improvement. Outstanding certificates will be awarded to premises once their goals have been achieved.
  3. Resource Recycling Grand Award
    During the programme period, BEC will consolidate data collected from participants and identify premises that demonstrate exceptional efforts in resource recycling (e.g. establishment of waste reduction action plan, increase in types / proportion of recyclables collected) and establish the highest percentage increase in resource recycling rate. Outstanding premises will be awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze Award and will be showcased on the programme website.


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