Education and Engagement Activities


To further promote and spread the message of waste reduction and clean recycling, different education and engagement activities would also be provided for the programme participants.


Office and residential buildings

Engagement with tenants / residents

Promotional materials will be provided for all participating premises, e.g. banners, posters, newsletters where applicable. Furthermore, promotional booths will be set up at common areas of the participating premises (subject to site availability) (either with mini-games, exhibition or distribution of souvenirs) to promote waste reduction and clean recycling. To create synergy and mobilise stakeholders on resource recycling, property management companies (PMCs) will also be encouraged to announce the waste or resource recycling performance to the tenants or residents regularly.


Enhancement of recycling facilities

To assist PMCs in encouraging tenants or building occupants to practise source separation of waste, as well as bringing about a stronger promotional and educational effect on waste separation and reduction within premises, BEC will recommended PMCs of the participating premises to install floor-based and small scale recycling bins in each floor, for the convenience of tenants or building occupants in practising source separation of waste, as well as bringing about a stronger promotional and educational effect on waste separation and reduction in the buildings. The types of recyclables to be additionally collected will be discussed with the participating buildings.


Waste audit and development of waste reduction action plan

Waste audit services could be provided to selected premises such that premises can acquire in-depth knowledge of their waste composition and discover potential recycling/reduction elements. Specific recommendations will then be offered to improve performance. This can also assist in the development of waste reduction action plans and management strategies.

For premises which are not selected for waste audits, they can conduct waste audits by themselves with reference to our “Waste Audit Methodology Guide”, which includes information for waste categories to be sorted, recommended tools and manpower, and a waste audit report sample.



Briefing sessions for participating buildings

BEC will organise briefing sessions to introduce the programme objectives and components, government’s waste policies, principles on waste categorisation and waste reduction tips for the participating buildings. To facilitate experience and knowledge exchange, participants with outstanding performance in waste management will be invited to share their successful experience during the briefing sessions.






Green Drama Show

A green drama show will be provided to each participating primary school to promote conservation and the concept of sustainable lifestyle; as well as inspire them to contribute their individual efforts to combating waste challenges in the city with an interactive performance that includes songs, slogans and games.








Mobile Green Classroom

Site visits to local waste management facilities will be provided to secondary school students such that students can gain first-hand knowledge on the current situation of municipal solid waste in Hong Kong, operations of waste treatment facilities and importance of waste reduction and clean proper recycling.



School Green Ambassador Scheme

The “School Green Ambassador Scheme” is an eight-month scheme aiming at raising both primary and secondary students’ awareness of waste reduction and recycling. By equipping students with skills of waste reduction and recycling through educational talks, workshops or on-site field trips, they are motivated to influence their schoolmates and the society to conserve resources, practise clean and proper recycling by innovative and interactive activities.


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