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Waste and Recycling Performance Free Benchmarking Tool


To mobilise the wider community in Hong Kong on waste reduction and recycling, BEC has organised a waste management programme named BEC Jockey Club Intelligent Resource Management Programme (“the Programme”), with funding support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.


Under the Programme, BEC has utilised the information collected via the smart waste monitoring system from the selected buildings since 2019 to develop waste and recycling performance indexes and benchmarking tool.


Waste and recycling performance index, and benchmarking tool are important for us to understand the waste disposal and resource recycling performances of our own building. Waste performance index is for indicating the waste disposed per capita in weight, which shows the average weight of waste disposed by each individual in a concerned building. Resource recycling index is for indicating the recycling rate of a concerned building, which shows the percentage of recyclables over total waste in weight.


Waste and Recycling Performance Free Benchmarking Tool is developed for general public to benchmark their waste and resource recycling performance with other buildings which have a similar number of occupants. Users could benchmark the waste and recycling performance for the following building types:

1.      Commercial office building

2.      Private residential building

3.      Primary and secondary school

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